To provide leadership strength and financial support for emerging business ventures
that can benefit from access to the office products, school supply and college
bookstore channels.

Our companies continue to be found exclusively through their relationships to the office products industry.  While opportunities are viewed individually, elements common to all Krumwiede Group investments include:

  • Capable management teams with entrepreneurial vision, drive and pertinent experience

  • Products which address dynamic markets with high demand and growth rates within the office products, school supply and/or college bookstore channels

  • Leading edge or breakthrough opportunities with proprietary and/or exclusive positions

  • Thoughtful assessment of the risks in developing the target market and those inherent in early stage companies

A lengthy business plan is less important than a clear, cogent and focused articulation of the driving forces of market success and the resources necessary to achieve our mutual goals.

We prefer to deal with enterprises in their earliest form, and a high percentage of our investments are “seed” or first-round investments.  In all cases, the process will include meetings with one or more of the Krumwiede Group leadership team members and a future presentation to the entire Board.

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