The original corporation was established in 1946 by Elmer Krumwiede as a manufacturers’ representative organization based in Chicago, IL. Over the first 50 years, Elmer participated in the formation and growth of dozens of companies including the formation of C-Line Products (a plastic converting manufacturer) in 1951. In 1982, Elmer’s grandson, David Krumwiede, joined the company and later purchased the company in 1985.

In 2005, the company merged its manufacturers’ representative business with the Motil-Wedel organization of Indianapolis, IN and created the Krumwiede Group holding company of today. Krumwiede Group is located in Naperville, IL.


Krumwiede Group is a privately held holding company focused on emerging business ventures with applications for the office products channel. The leadership team, led by David Krumwiede, President, has over 50 years of experience in the office products market and feels a strong commitment to the industry. We intend to build upon our legacy by adhering to several key business philosophies:

Organization Discipline
Major objectives and smaller details are managed and resolved both internally and through our operating companies.

The Most Ethical Personnel
Both at Krumwiede Group and within our operating companies, we create an atmosphere in which honesty and integrity are respected and rewarded. We employ positive, well-balanced people who thrive in a business setting that rewards creativity, innovative process development and hard work.

Operating Company Objectives
We recognize the need to make selective decisions on the companies we choose to support. Our operating companies must aggressively pursue their missions with an eye on satisfying their target customers and making a profit. We are looking at investing in several growth-oriented companies.

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